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Smalltalk skill

Custom responses to pre-trained smalltalk intents


Botsquad Defaults skill is trained with 75 common smalltalk intents. This skill enables non technical users to configure the responses for these intents in the Content sections.


intent example
@smalltalk_creator who is your developer
@smalltalk_agent_annoying don't be so rude
@smalltalk_agent_bad I hate you
@smalltalk_agent_be_clever be smarter
@smalltalk_agent_beautiful you look pretty good
@smalltalk_agent_boring you're incredibly boring
@smalltalk_agent_boss who is your boss
@smalltalk_agent_busy you're very busy
@smalltalk_agent_chatbot are you a robot
@smalltalk_agent_clever you're really brainy
@smalltalk_agent_crazy are you insane
@smalltalk_agent_expensive What would such a bot cost?
@smalltalk_agent_fired you are unemployed from now on
@smalltalk_agent_funny you are funny
@smalltalk_agent_good whow, you can do a lot
@smalltalk_agent_happy are you happy
@smalltalk_agent_hobby what are your hobbies
@smalltalk_agent_human are you a human?
@smalltalk_agent_hungry you're so hungry
@smalltalk_agent_listen ok, hear me out
@smalltalk_agent_marry_user I love you marry me
@smalltalk_agent_my_friend you're my childhood friend
@smalltalk_agent_occupation where do you work
@smalltalk_agent_origin where have you been born
@smalltalk_agent_ready have you been ready
@smalltalk_agent_real I don't think you're fake
@smalltalk_agent_residence your hometown
@smalltalk_agent_sure are you sure tonight
@smalltalk_agent_there you are there
@smalltalk_appraisal_welcome sure welcome
@smalltalk_dialog_hold_on uhm
@smalltalk_dialog_hug could you give me a hug
@smalltalk_dialog_i_do_not_care whatever
@smalltalk_dialog_sorry apologise
@smalltalk_dialog_wrong **
@smalltalk_emotions_ha_ha ha ha ha
@smalltalk_emotions_wow wow
@smalltalk_greetings_goodevening hello good evening
@smalltalk_greetings_goodmorning a good morning
@smalltalk_greetings_goodnight sweet dreams
@smalltalk_greetings_how_are_you hope you re having a pleasant evening
@smalltalk_greetings_nice_to_meet_you nice to meet you
@smalltalk_greetings_nice_to_see_you it is a pleasure to see you
@smalltalk_greetings_nice_to_talk_to_you nice talking to you
@smalltalk_greetings_whatsup good what's up
@smalltalk_joke can you make me smile?
@smalltalk_user_angry I'm angry
@smalltalk_user_back I have returned
@smalltalk_user_bored bored
@smalltalk_user_busy I got work to do
@smalltalk_user_can_not_sleep I can't get no sleep
@smalltalk_user_does_not_want_to_talk bad time for talking
@smalltalk_user_excited I'm excited to start our friendship
@smalltalk_user_going_to_bed time for us to go to bed
@smalltalk_user_good I'm doing good
@smalltalk_user_happy I'm happy to see you
@smalltalk_user_has_birthday it's my birthday today
@smalltalk_user_here I am here
@smalltalk_user_joking I'm just playing with you
@smalltalk_user_likes_agent We should go on a date
@smalltalk_user_lonely I am feeling lonely
@smalltalk_user_looks_like do you know what I look like
@smalltalk_user_loves_agent I love you so much
@smalltalk_user_misses_agent missing you
@smalltalk_user_sad I'm grieving
@smalltalk_user_sleepy I'm sleeping
@smalltalk_user_swearing goddamned
@smalltalk_user_testing_agent I want to test you
@smalltalk_user_tired I'm exhausted
@smalltalk_user_waits how long do I have to wait
@smalltalk_user_wants_to_see_agent_again I hope to see you again
@smalltalk_user_will_be_back I'll be back
@smalltalk_agent_age tell me your age
@smalltalk_agent_born when were you born
@smalltalk_weather what is the weather?

How to use

  1. Install the skill
  2. Go to the content section and open the Smalltalk page
  3. Customize your responses
  4. Publish