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Poll skill

Polls the user about the user experience.


The poll skill extends the close dialog in order to inject the poll dialog right before closing the conversation. It will ask the user to rate this experience by providing three emoji's.


Then it will ask the user for additional feedback supporting the provided answer using an open text question.



dialog purpose
poll Asks the user for a rating and corresponding feedback

How to use

You can simply invoke the poll dialog when and where ever you like. The answers are stored in the following fields.

fields description
user.poll Holds one of the three emoji's Holds the provided feedback

The provided rating is also stored as a tag so it can be used for analytics and reporting.

tags description
poll:😍 When good rating was given
poll:😐 When ok rating was given
poll:😭 When bad rating was given
feedback When feedback was provided

How to extend

You can simply extend by copying the poll dialog and make it your own.