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Pagetags skill

Tags the conversation based on the visited webpages.


When a visitor navigates the website the visited pages can be tagged by this skill based on the pages configured in the content section.

How to use

Go to the Pagetags page in the content section. Add a page name or part of a url and enter one or more tags you want to set when the url criteria are met.

field purpose
Page Page name or part of the URL (page criteria)
Tags The tags to set for this conversation when navigated to a page that matches the page criteria

The page name may be just a part of the name. Everything that matches this part of the name will cause the page to be tagged.

How it works

When the user navigates the website while the web widget is opened, the platform will fire the $connect event. The $connect event is captured in the Identity skill which will then fire the $page_change event. On $page_change event, this skill will browse all pages in the content/pagetags collection and sets the tags corresponding the page that was hit.