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Notes skill

Sends a studio note.


When a user wants to provide feedback or leave a message, this skill will create a studio note with the message and user details.


intent example
@feedback I want to give feedback\nI want to leave a message


dialog description
ask_message Asks the user to provide the message/feedback to leave behind.\nIn a web frontend, the system will use a form in which it will present the last uttered message so the user only needs to review and submit
send_note Will create the studio message using the user first name, last name, email address and last message

Notice that the user first name, last name, email address and phone can be elicited using the Identity skill wether or not supported by the OAuth skill.

How to use

This is a skill that is mostly used as part of the unknown dialog. When an intent isn't captured and there is no way to escalate to a live operator, then you can offer the user to leave a message instead. You could do this by sending an email or SMS, but using this skill you can choose to do it using a studio note.

How it works

Adding the following code can help you use this skill.

dialog unknown do
  say "Sorry I don't understand."
  say "There are currently no operators available to help you out."
  ask "Would you like to leave a message instead?", expecting: [@yes, @no]

  if answer == @yes do
    invoke identify
    invoke ask_message 
    invoke send_note
    say "My colleagues will get back to you by email as soon as possible."
    say "No problem."

This will result in a studio note to be created when the intent isn't captured and we fallback to the unknown dialog. It will look like this in the inbox of this conversation:

Example of the conversation in the inbox

The note will also be shown on the dashboard in the studio so it catches the attention of all studio users that have access to it for further follow up.