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Language skill

Handles language switching.


The Botsquad platform supports multiple languages in your chatbot. But in order to make it work you need to support a couple of dialogs and triggers to deal with language related intents, like changing the language.

The language skill will work on its own. Once installed it will respond to three intents: | intent | example | | ------ | ------ | | @language_agent | What language do you speak? | | @language_user | I speak | | @language_switch | I want to switch language |

This skill also responds to unknown when another language is detected. It will propose a language switch in that case.

How to use

There is nothing to be set-up for this skill other than the languages set in the bot settings. The skill will automatically facilitate language switching using the three intents listed above. When a language is requested which is not supported, it will reject the switch and explain what languages are supported instead.

When a message is sent in another language the __unknown__ dialog of this skill will propose a language switch to the user which can be confirmed to switch to the language uttered or rejected which results in continuing in the original language.