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Contact skill

Manage contact details in a bot and answers questions about it.


This skill will automatically answer on contact details questions when the contact details are given in the Contact page under Content.


intent example
@smalltalk_agent_boss Who do you work for? Who is your boss?
@contact_details What are your contact details?
@contact_email What is your email address? How can I send you an Email?
@contact_phone What is your phone number? How can I call you?
@contact_address What is your street address? Where are you located?
@contact_opening What are your opening hours? When can I contact you?


dialog description
contact_name Provide name
contact_details Provide a menu to access all available contact details
contact_email Provide email address
contact_phone Provide phone number
contact_address Provide street address and location pin
contact_opening Provide opening hours

How to use

Just install the skill and fill in the Contact page in Content.

When you want to use this skill only for administering contact details and not for it's intent triggers you can disable the triggers in the Settings of this skill. This way you can provide your own triggers and answer dialogs or simply install the Answers skill.

You can use the contact details from within the Answers skill by referring to the content using the following mustache syntax:

Our email address is {{}}
Our phone number is {{}}
Our name is {{}}
Our address is {{contact.address}}
About our opening hours: