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Answers skill

Offers answers to trained questions.


The Answers skill provides a way to configure automatic responses to trained questions. These answers can be configured in the content section of the platform. An answer can provide one single answer, or it can be a more sophisticated Flow that can be configured in the Flows skill.

How to use

When the Answers skill is installed, it can be configured in the Content section. The skill comes with a predefined set of Answers to answer some very basis questions that apply to almost any company or organization using this skill. Most of these answers are disabled, so they can be configured with a proper answer first before enabling.

Answers overview

Initially the Answers are all folded, but can be opened by clicking on the > icon in the title bar. The button "Add Answer" creates a new Answer. Hovering your mouse pointer over the title bar of an Answer enables the 'garbage bin' icon on the right hand side of the Answer. Clicking on this icon will delete the Answer from your application. The drag icon in front of an Answer title bar, that becomes visible when hovering your mouse over it, enables you to change the order of the answer.

Create a new answer by the following steps:

  1. Click Add Answer
  2. Choose type 'Answer'
  3. Fill in a Label (like 'Foundation date')
  4. Fill in a Title (like 'When is your company founded?')
  5. Fill in an Answer (like 'We are founded in October 2017')
  6. Add a couple of Training phrases (like 'When are you founded', 'What is your foundation data', 'When did your company start', 'From what year is your company?', etc)
  7. Press the blue save button in the bottom of the screen
  8. Press the train button to retrain the AI of the platform.
  9. Start your bot and type in When are you founded?' to test your answer.

Notice it will respond to variations of the question too. Whenever you notice it is not giving the right answer you can go back to the content section and add new training sentences covering the sentences that failed. This way your chatbot becomes smarter everytime.

Answer details

How it works

An answer consists of the following fields:

field description
type A FAQ (single answer) or Flow (complex answer with multiple steps)
label short label for this question, used for triggering on suggestions (quick replies) and to generate a unique id (which will be prepended by 'faq_').
title Title of the question
condition to answer to configure when or when not to execute this flow

Answer of type FAQ

Answers of type FAQ will render a single answer once triggered.

field description
answer Answer
alternative answers possible variations of this answer based on the current state of the conversation
follow up suggestions labels of possible follup questions

FAQ Alternative answers

When the answer to a question might vary based on the specific state of the conversation the button 'Add alternative answers' can be used. Now you can specify an answer based on the existance or non-existance of certain tags in this conversation.

field description
answer Answer
condition to answer the condition that determines to show this alternative answer or not

FAQ Follow up suggestions

Sometimes answers lead to new questions and a lot of the time it predictable for you as owner of a certain business domein which follow up questions might be relevant. To help your customers you can add suggestions using the Add Follow up suggestions button. Make sure these suggestions are pointing to Labels of other questions you have already trained.

field description
suggestion the label of another answer to show as quick reply
condition to suggest the condition that determines to show this suggestion or not

Answer of type Flow

Answers of type Flow will execute a sequence of steps as defined using the Flows skil.

field description
flow to select which flow to trigger