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Base skills

In this section you can find the documentation for each of the Base skills that are included in the Botsquad platform.

Skill Description
Defaults default intents needed for these skills
Base provides basic behaviour like responding to hello, bye, help, purpose, etc.
Smalltalk customize responses for smalltalk intents
Language enables language switching
Identity provides dialogs around the user's identity, around privacy and notifications
Oauth adds web forms and oauth login to identity skill
Share offers sharing options to other channels
Poll poll the user for rating at conversation closure
Topics classifies general topics in user messages
Pagetags classifies general topics based on web pages visited
Answers answers trained questions
Chat escalates to an operator when no intent triggered
Flows executes scripted dialogs that can be configured without without coding
Notes sends a studio note
Commands enables system commands for in chat debugging

IVR skills

Skill Description
IVR extends Base for telephony and adds basic dispatching capabilities
Timeplans provides timeplan tagging to conversations

Additional Skills

Skill Description
Contact manage contact details in a bot and answers questions about it.

How to install?

If you didn't install a bot template that already includes the skill you need, you need to first install the skill before you can use it. Use the following steps to install any skill.

  1. Go to the skills section
  2. Go to Browse
  3. Click on the skill you need
  4. Click on Install
  5. After installing, click on Purpose to activate the skill's CMS if applicable.

Notice that when a skill is dependent on another skill it will automatically install that skill too.