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Twilio Voice

Botsquad bots can be used to answer phone calls using the Twilio platform.


To connect a bot to a TWilio phone number, you need to go through a few steps:

  1. In the Twilio console, go to Phone Numbers -> Buy a Number

  2. Choose a number that has the voice capability and buy it

  3. In the Botsquad studio, go to your bot settings, click the connect tab and enable Twilio Voice channel. Enter the phone number in the form and also enter your Twilio Application ID and API token, which you find in the account settings of Twilio.

  4. Once Twilio is set up in Botsquad, you copy the webhook URLs on the clipboard.

  5. Back in Twilio, open the phone number details page, where you see the following form:

    Paste the appropriate webhook URL in the A call comes in and Call status changes fields.

  6. Click Save. You're done! Try dialing the number to check if your bot answers.

Bubblescript integration


When the speech-to-text stage fails, a $no_input event is sent, which allows you to indicate that the user needs to repeat the question:

dialog event: "$no_input" do
  once do
    say "Can you repeat that?"
    say "I still don't get it."
    say "Can you repeat once more?"